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Is It Time for Your Website to Get Social?

Posted on 5th November, by Zenet Negron in Social Media, Web Design. Comments Off

Did you know a recent survey done by 1&1 Internet showed that only 40% of small and medium sized businesses still do not have a website?  However, the number of these businesses creating and using a social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube is growing.

According to HubSpot, “Even if you’re on social media, operating without a website is just silly. A website is an essential piece of your online marketing strategy.” Most consumers start their buying and do research about a product or service by searching online.

So why are some many business owners opt to not have a website, and when they do have a website, they are static and do not provide consistent fresh content? Is it time for your website to get social?

The days of attracting consumers with a URL, some bright graphics and …


It’s Easy to Set Up an Autoresponder for Twitter Followers

Posted on 20th February, by Zenet Negron in Social Marketing, Social Media, Twitter. No Comments

Some folks like autoresponders and some don’t like them at all. If you have a Twitter account and are receiving too many daily followers and you don’t have the time to respond but would like to, then it may be best to set up an autoresponder.

You may have seen some that say something like ““Thanks for following. I tweet about health and wellness and have more information on my blog”. The worst ones are those that say “Someone is saying something bad about you. Click here to find out: “.

Whatever your message is, be authentic and have a call to action. In our @SociallyNow account we invite you to visit our website and view our weekly local video spotlight. In our @StocktonBuzz account we invite you to email us …


What Should You Do to Succeed with Social Media?

Posted on 13th February, by Zenet Negron in Social Marketing, Social Media. No Comments

On Feb. 9, 2012, I had the privilege to present to the Women’s Success Group (WSG) in Stockton about social media marketing. The thirty plus ladies and gentlemen in the room were energetic and eager to learn what else they could do to brand their business with social media.

They had many questions such as where should they start, how can I get a QR code to does blogging help my SEO? One question that was asked several times and even at our “Planning Pays Off” presentation was, “What should I do?”

It depends on who is your audience, are you just starting, do you have a new product or service, how much time do you have, etc. One thing is for sure, if you start branding with social media, you must be consistent.

So many times we “like” a new page because …


How Will 2012 – The Year of the Dragon Affect Local Social Media?

Posted on 4th February, by Zenet Negron in Mobile Marketing, Social Marketing, Social Media, Web Design. No Comments

On February 2, 2012, I attended our Central Valley Asian-American Chamber of Commerce and the Asian Pacific American News Review (APANR) in celebrating the Chinese New Year. Mr. Dennis Lee, publisher of “APANR” shared with everyone that 2012 is the Year of the Dragon and it represents good fortune. Will this year bring good fortune to your local business?

More and more local business owners believe it will be, and a major reason is because they’ve added a social media platform. In 2011, we witnessed technology provide many social media marketing options for local businesses to promote and brand themselves. There is pay per click with Facebook, daily deals like Groupon, check-in services like Foursquare, QR codes for mobile devices and much more. Some have discovered that Google is no longer the only place to go for searching and promoting their …


How Can An iPad2 or Tablet Change Your Branding?

Posted on 30th January, by Zenet Negron in Mobile Marketing. No Comments

One could say that the mobile market exploded in 2011 with over 324 million handsets sold. In the US there was an increase of over 100 percent which proves there are more active phones than people.

The average adult spends 10 percent of their time on their mobile device which caused mobile to surpass traditional print publications compared to 4 percent for newspapers and 2.8 for magazines.

The end of 2011 brought me a new iPad2, and it’s amazing what it can do. What’s more amazing is how it’s taken my mobile experience to another level from my mobile phone.

The tablet has created an explosion in the mobile market because it’s a hybrid between a PC and a smartphone. My work days involve working a lot on my PC, but when I’m out of the office, making a presentation …